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Item Code: 62-SFCGO

  • Shieldme™ Face Shield is used by the general public, disinfection and sanitization teams
  • Face Shield protects and prevents the entry of toxic liquid spatter or splash, harmful air bone microbes, and dust into your mouth, nose and eyes
  • It also prevents you from touching your eyes, mouth and nose subconsciously
  • The lenses are made of PET and light transmittance material, transparent and clear enough to ensure not affecting the normal vision of the human eyes

    Product Performance Features
  • Overall ergonomic design, lightweight and more comfortable to wear
  • Made of polymer mtaterials to effectively prevent foreign body impact and liquid splatter
  • The lenses are made of PET and light transmittance material with high clarity
  • Easy to adjust head band and suitable for all kinds of head sizes



Note: Prices include GST (where applicable)