Exit Soap Block
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Exit Soap Block

Item Code: 06-LPESB

  • Much more than a soap, Exit has been Australia’s nature-based answer to stains of all kinds since 1930
  • The vegetable soap is blended with citrus-derived stain fighting ingredients that make it an exceptionally effective stain remover for grease, ink, blood, red wine, and many other spills that would normally spell the end of your shirt, suit or carpet
  • Exit Soap is gentle enough to be safe on all common fabrics, and it’s very easy to use – just run some water over the stain, rub some Exit over it, and rinse
  • No more stain, and no damage to your clothes
  • • Removes grease, ink, blood, red wine, lipstick, shoe polish etc
  • • Safe for clothing, carpets, curtains and other fabrics
    • Natural vegetable and citrus ingredients
    • Biodegradable


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