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Item Code: 06-TF5A
Brand: AGAR

  • FRESCO is an all-in-one washroom cleaner for showers, toilets and ceramic tiles
  • It has been specially formulated to be environmentally preferable

    Key Benefits
  • Rips through soap scum, limescale & biowaste
    Thick formula clings to the walls for longer
  • Biodegradable, phosphate-free & eco-friendly

    How Does It Work?
  • FRESCO is an all-purpose washroom cleaner
  • Used neat, it is a forceful cleaner of toilets, urinals and showers
  • Diluted, it is ideal for washroom floors, walls, basins and fixtures
  • FRESCO’s lime oils deodorise the washroom and leave a fresh lingering fragrance

    For Use On
  • FRESCO will easily dissolve lime, bio-waste, urine, hard surface scale, soap and fat scum on all washroom surfaces, yet it will not harm stainless steel, porcelain, ceramics or glass even during periods of prolonged contact
  • FRESCO’s thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces allowing the product to work to its fullest potential
  • While at full strength, FRESCO’s mixture of natural acids provides exceptional cleaning power, clever formulation means that, when diluted, the acid power recedes leaving a solution that is not harmful to grouting or ceramic tiles

  • CAUTION: NOT suitable for use on marble, terrazzo, or laminate surfaces



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