Agar Chloradet Foam Cleaner 5L
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Agar Chloradet Foam Cleaner 5L

Item Code: 06-BC5A
Brand: AGAR

  • CHLORADET is a concentrated, high-foaming cleaner with a bleaching action
  • Because it offers a very effective method of killing undesirable microorganisms (germs, bacteria, etc.), CHLORADET is an excellent sanitiser

    Key Benefits
  • Highly active cleaner, rips dirt off hard surfaces including walls, tiles, baths and showers
  • Suspends dirt and soil link para o site
  • Kills bacteria
  • Removes mould
  • Biodegradable
  • Breaks down fats into water-soluble by-products
  • Concentrated – dilutes up to 1 in 160

    How Does It Work?
  • CHLORADET contains available chlorine which is present in solution in the form of sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid
  • Hypochlorous acid is a powerful germ-killing agent which kills bacteria/germs
  • CHLORADET also contains caustic alkali and detergents to provide an excellent cleaning action
  • It will remove cooking fats, smoke films, greasy marks, carbon deposits, food spills, mould, and other soilage found in food preparation areas, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Excellent for removing ingrained dirt from ceramic tiles

    For Use On
  • All surfaces not harmed by water and chlorine including walls, ceilings, unpolished tiled floors, baths, showers, glass and porcelain
  • Effective cleaner for removing mildew, mould and fatty or soapy build-ups from tiles, grouting, baths, basins and shower recesses
  • Do not use for cleaning aluminium or alkali-sensitive polished floors



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